Gates of Olympus Features and Tips

The slot Gates of Olympus is packed with so many amazing features and bonus offers, it keeps players coming back for more every time. To know more about the unique features provided by the slot keep reading. We have also mentioned a few tips and tricks that will help you get more wins.

The Bonus Features

Gates of Olympus has gained quite a popularity due to the abundance of bonus features it provides despite being provided by Pragmatic Play. in this section we are going to discuss the three bonus features you will see in this slot. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Gates of Olympus – Game Screenshot                                                                                     [Gates of Olympus – Game Screenshot]

Multiplier Symbols

First of all, we have the multiplier symbol, these symbols can show up on the reels during any random spin. They come attached to any regular symbol and can range from 2x to 500x. Now comes the fun part, if these multiplier symbols are involved with any win, it is applied to the win after the winning cascade ends.

However, in the case of multiple multipliers showing up on any random single spin, they are added at the end of the spin. Then the added multipliers are applied together against the win total.

Tumble Feature

Then comes the tumble feature, which shows up once you land a winning combination after a spin on the reels. So, what happens when a tumble feature becomes available after a winning combination? The answer is the symbols from the winning combinations start to disappear and are replaced with new symbols that are dropped from above.

If the new symbols form a winning combination again, the tumble feature continues to go on in a row. This continues as long as the new symbols stop forming winning combinations in the reels.

However, there is a special case for the scatter symbol. It doesn’t tumble like the regular symbols and the same applies to the multipliers as well. On the brighter side, after the end of the tumble, the players are awarded one scatter pay.

Free Spins

Free spins are the most exciting part of any slot games available in online casinos. Hence, Gates of Olympus came out with an exciting free spin offer for their slot as well. The free spin in the Gates of Olympus slot is triggered by landing three to six scatter symbols at the same time on any of the reels.

This appearance of scatter symbols in the reels will issue you 15 free spins initially. It also comes with a payout of 3x, 5x, or 100x on the total bet based on how many scatter symbols are present in the view.

The interesting part about free spins is when any multiplier shows up during any free spin it is apple globally. That is no matter what symbol the multipliers come with, it will be applied to all the winning combos. On top of that, the multipliers get locked and don’t change during the spins.

Free Spins – Gates of Olympus                                                                                       [Free Spins – Gates of Olympus]

Ante Bet

Last but not least, we have the Ante Bet. Like any other slot provided by the Pragmatic Play, Gates of Olympus also comes with an Ante Bet option. So, if you choose to activate this option your bet will increase by 25%.

On the contrary, more scatter symbols will show up in your reels to form more winning combinations. It eventually doubles the possibility of hitting the bonus round. So, with just a 25% increase on the bet, it is a pretty good deal to land big wins.

Even though it’s a big risk to take, if you can manage to get a win, the winning amount is going to be massive. So, it’s totally up to the players if they feel confident enough to use this option.

Tips and Tricks for Gates of Olympus

To get more wins in this slot, we recommend you follow the guide we mentioned below. This will help you out through the game and enjoy the bonuses.

Play with Patience

To get more wins, it is essential for every player to play the slots patiently. The concept behind playing patiently is that both the heart and the mind of the player remain calm and they can make the right decision. It is maintained by all the players in the online gambling industry and all of them happen to have a satisfactory result.

Manual Play over Autoplay

Players must opt for manual play rather than autoplay as it has more chances of getting wins. Since the autoplay is run automatically there is no room for a player to make any changes. Changes can only be made once the selected autoplay number is completed.

Smart Play Bet

Next up, is the smart play bet strategy to get more wins. This is a player making smart choices before placing bets. For instance, go for smaller bets initially and once you see the possibility of hitting the jackpot you can slightly increase the bet value.